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Tradies Mastermind is all about helping you grow your business by giving you access to weekly trainings, industry experts and other Tradies (just like you) that help you learn the Business Tools & Systems required to grow your business and get some of your time back.

These are the exact Business Tools & Systems that you were not thought during your apprenticeship.


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If you are a Tradie and would like to gain the necessary business skills to grow your business while networking with other like minded Tradies check out the video above and learn how you can have a FREE website created by us to help you attract more clients.

This is just 1 of the unique benefits you will receive after you become a member of our community of Tradies and industries experts.

Once you join our community you will have direct contact with other members via our closed Facebook Group, where you can ask any questions and share your experiences.

You no longer need to feel alone, isolated or overwhelmed, just join our community of like minded Tradies that want to help each other grow each other's business, share opportunities and learn from each other.

Learn how you can use current technology to help you get paid quicker, track your jobs and cashflow, find new clients and win more jobs.


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Our New Business Directory

We also offer you the opportunity to add Your Business Details to our FREE Tradies Business Directory, remember every listing you have on the internet helps the search engines find your details and lifts your ranking in their eyes.



Laying The Foundations

As an important note, you should ensure that all your listings, where-ever they are, on the Internet, MUST contain the exact same information about your business, otherwise the search engines get confused and this will dramatically effect your search engine rankings. We explain this in more detail within our training.

You can also get a better understanding of why this is so important by requesting a complimentary copy of our Foundational Footprint ebook.

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